Iridium GO!®
Firmware Update (v2.1.22)
& Apps with Time/Date Fix


A new firmware release, version 2.1.22, is now available for the Iridium GO!®.

This release includes an update to fix an incorrect time/date issue for both the Iridium GO! device and the app. This issue causes in an incorrect time/date on the device and app and does not affect the functionality of the device/app in any manner. Calls, Data, SMS, SOS and tracking still operate normally. Only instances where a message (quick gps, tracking, SOS) payload contains a date/time, will have an incorrect time/date. Ordering of messages in the Iridium GO! app may be out of order, as well as missed voice calls. Upgrading the device to the new firmware version 2.1.22 will resolve this issue. It is recommended that all users affected by this issue upgrade to this new firmware version as soon as possible to resolve the issue on the Iridium GO! device and its corresponding Iridium GO! app. Certain users who have left their Iridium GO! device on, charging and have not power cycled their device might not experience a time/date discrepancy immediately. However once the device is power cycled they will run into the issue where the device displays the wrong time/date. It is therefore recommended that all users, whether currently experiencing the issue now or yet to face it upgrade their devices as soon as possible.

This issue started as early as 29th August 2021 . This issue is traced back to a network time change (re-epoch) that was planned for 2014 near the Iridium GO! product launch and was temporarily rolled back and as a result a time offset was deleted from the firmware and proceeded to operate on the original counter without the originally planned offset to correct the time in the future. Unfortunately this caused a deficiency with the current network time setting as it did not offset correctly beginning 29th August 2021 once the counter rolled over and therefore needs to be updated in the device firmware. This issue does not impact other products that were not impacted by this issue as it was internal to the Iridium GO! firmware timer settings.

Firmware Update Instructions



App Update Instructions


Firmware and App Update Completion
It is recommended that the Iridium GO! firmware is updated as it will correct timestamps for both SENT and RECEIVED messages. An app update will correct timestamps only for RECEIVED messages. Updating both the Firmware and App will correct both SENT and RECEIVED timestamps so therefore has the same benefit as updating the firmware.