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Access Gmail, or other IMAP based Email over Restricted Bandwidth Connections
As the bandwidth of most electronic communications channels continues to increase, content providers take advantage of the increased bandwidth by delivering more and more content and at higher resolutions. But not all communication channels can support a high effective bandwidth. These Restricted Bandwidth communication  channels may be considered bandwidth restricted if its bandwidth is less than the bandwidth that a content provider can support. Or even a high-bandwidth communication channel may be effectively bandwidth restricted if the cost of sending content via the high-bandwidth communication channel is so high as to be an effective restriction on the bandwidth that can be used. Another example occurs when many devices use the same high-bandwidth communication channel and the communication channel may be effectively bandwidth restricted for each device. If a high-bandwidth communication channel is used by a device that is nearly out of the communication channel’s range or that is used in an environment (e.g., noisy) where reception is otherwise poor, the communication channel may be effectively bandwidth restricted. And we all see how cell phones become bandwidth restricted because a smartphone is being used in a geographic location where reception is poor.
A particularly noteworthy example of a restricted-bandwidth communication channel may be a satellite telephone, i.e. satellite excphone. A satellite phone may be restricted to sending content at low rates relative to the rates at which a content provider can send content. Even if a satellite phone communication channel did support a higher bandwidth, the cost of sending content might be so high as to be an effective restriction on the bandwidth that can be used.
For all these reasons, it can be difficult for devices to access the content of content providers who have designed their interfaces to take advantage of high-bandwidth communication channels. For example, it may take a prohibitively long time or be prohibitively expensive to download even a single email message whose content is only one word because the HTML document defining the message page may include thousands of characters to fully specify its format and content. It would take an even longer time or be more costly to download all the content of an inbox or to download even a short HDTV video of a web page.
Enter OneMail for Gmail and many other IMAP based email services. Nothing has become more routine in our day to day lives than checking for email. But over restricted bandwidth connections this can be extremely slow, extremely expensive or simply not possible. For Gmail and many other IMAP email services this can be particularly frustrating because they are highly popular email services used by billions of people use each day. Many of these people would like to continue to do so when they are faced with restricted bandwidth connections. OneMail is the first application that allows them to do so.
OneMail works in a private and secure fashion to efficiently acquire your Gmail, orother IMAP email accounts over restricted bandwidth connections. It first reaches out and snaps back to you the basic information about each email waiting for you in your Gmail inbox, telling you who it is from, how big it is, and what is its date and subject. OneMail users can then tag only those mails of interest to them for high-compression retrieval on their next connection over the restricted channel. Untagged email remains on the Gmail, or other server for access at a later time when the mail user has a higher bandwidth connection.
As a result, OneMail provides rapid, efficient access to the Gmail and others that really matters to you over even the most restricted bandwidth communication channel.


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